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Give yourself the gift of focusing on YOU and your vision. Through self reflection and guided perspective shifts you will find the freedom you have been searching for.

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Find clarity around your goals and your values. Once you have clarity it will be much easier to move towards what you want in life. We have created a safe space for you to explore what that might look like and we are honored to accompany you on that journey.


Once you have found clarity you will need the confidence and courage in order to take the necessary action that will bring you closer to your goal. Through coaching and courses you will be able to conquer confidence once and for all and you will finally take yourself and your goals seriously.


Connect with like minded women on the same journey in our community where we share tips, successes, and hiccups along the way. If you are looking to build your tribe, sign up for our buddy system where we assign you to a partner who will take the journey with you and who can serve as your accountability partner along the way. 

About Mary

Inspired by her own journey of getting stuck on the wrong career path and completely losing faith in herself and her dreams, Mary is dedicated to helping others get unstuck, find the joy in their lives, and reach their full potential. Even if you have lost sight of it, your dream life is still possible.

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Live a Life you Love

Your happiness is the goal.  The change the world needs starts inside you. You shift, inspiring a shift in the people around you, and then the people around them. The world eventually will shift. Let's start with you.

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I have reserved time each week for sample sessions - free twenty minute sessions so that you can experience what it is like to work with a coach; to see if working together would be a fit. You'd be surprised what we can accomplish in just twenty mintues!


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