10 Reasons We Procrastinate and How to Fix It

I created a bookmark for this title in my blog five months ago. Hmm, maybe I am not the right person to be giving advice on procrastination! The truth is, we all procrastinate. Some more than others. Out of the free "life skills" tools that I have created for people to level up in their lives, the Five Days and Five Ways to Beat Procrastination has definitely been the most popular and most needed tool to date. 

There are a variety of theories out there as to why we procrastinate. Here are ten reasons why we procrastinate and a way to fix each one. 

Fear of Failure 

The truth is, procrastination is riddled with fear. You can call it fear of failure, or even fear of success, but at the root it is fear of change. Your ego will fight at all costs to keep you from evolving, and fear is one of its most powerful tools. I would even venture to say that all of the other reasons listed below for why we procrastinate, fear is always lurking in the background. The fear might show...

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Loss and Prayer

Today I learned of the passing of a friend. Our sons went to elementary and middle school together. I wasn't expecting it; it happened almost out of the blue. There was a time when it wouldn't have been such a surprise. A tragedy, of course, but not a surprise. In 2017 she was diagnosed with lymphoma. She underwent eight rounds of chemo, radiation, and topped it off with an autologous stem cell transplant. Her descriptions of the treatment were that it was brutal - especially the stem cell transplant. In her words, "This treatment pushed me physically and mentally in a way that none of the chemo or radiation of the previous 10 months had come close to." But there was light at the end of that tunnel, and she was declared cancer free in March of 2018.

Our boys were in fifth grade at the time. Her son chose my son, Andres, and another friend to be a part of his support group at school. They had some lunch time sessions with their teacher where they formed a safe space for him to share...

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Tips From Ten Successful Location Independent Business Owners

This past year, born out of an international pandemic, I launched my first ever location independent business. It has been a dream of mine since before I can remember, and now finally, at the age of 48, after careers in dance, real estate, event planning, and start-ups, I have done it. For the first time in my life I have truly aligned my passions, my talents, my skills, and my values, and poured them into a business that allows me to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. And I can do that from anywhere in the world as long as I am connected to the Internet. 

But we all know that starting a business isn’t easy. In the beginning, as you are building, it feels like you are pushing a boulder up a hill. Some days you make very little progress. Other days it feels like there are too many obstacles. Then there are glorious days, where the ground seems to level out, even just for that day, and you make enough progress to keep you going. 

As I continue to push my...

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The Confidence Cycle - How Building a Habit of Confidence WILL Change Your Life

What is confidence? Let's get right down to the nitty gritty of it. We're going to talk about what confidence is, and possibly more importantly, what it isn't. We'll also address some common misconceptions about confidence and explore our own personal relationship with it. So let's dive in.

The definition of confidence is: 

A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

Let's use it in a sentence:

Hazel was confident that she would win the tennis match.

So why was Hazel confident that she would win the match? Did she have some kind of psychic powers that told her so? Possibly, but most likely not. I would guess that she had won lots of matches before. I would surmise that she has trained for many hours to gain the skills that she needs in order to win a tennis match. 

Now if the sentence was: Hazel is a confident person, that would be very different. That would mean that in general, and in most situations, Hazel is...

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How to Start Over with a New Job, Career, or Business

Starting over can be so overwhelming that quite frankly, most of the time it never happens.

We justify NOT doing anything about it with a variety of excuses:

  • I'm too old to start over
  • I don't have the experience that I would need to change careers
  • I don't have the education I would need to get that job
  • I've never started a business before, I wouldn't even know where to start
  • I can't afford to quit my job
  • I don't have the money to start a business
  • I don't even know what I want
  • I should be happy with what I have
  • I'm not qualified
  • I don't have the confidence to put myself out there
  • Looking for a job is the worst (this one is true!)

Our egos do an amazing job of keeping us right where we are. Their job is to keep us right there in the safety of our comfort zone, even though our comfort zone might have become quite uncomfortable.

Isn't it amazing how long we allow ourselves to stay uncomfortable? Why do we do that? For the most part it is:

  • Fear of getting MORE uncomfortable 
  • Lack...
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Part 3 - The Nuts and Bolts of Creating My First Online Course

Have you had an online course brewing in your brain for some time now? If you are overwhelmed with the idea of actually going from idea to product, start with Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. Breaking down a big task such as creating an online course really is the key to achieving your goal. I have broken the process down into 10 steps, from idea to execution including the very important part of sales and marketing your course. 

In part 3 you will learn about some of those steps, post content creation, that are super important to the success of your online course. After all, what is the point of having one if users all over the world don't get to benefit from it!

Step 7 to Creating an Online Course - Pricing and Beta Testing

What are you going to charge? Checking out the competition is a great way to start as you are trying to pinpoint a price point. What are other people charging? How do their courses compare with yours in terms of what they are offering and promising? Who is...

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Part 2 - The Nuts and Bolts of Creating My First Online Course

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about how to get started in the process of creating your first online course. At this point in the process, you should have at least a first draft of your course content planned out. This includes a general outline broken down into modules each having their own title and content. 

Now it is time to think about how you will deliver your content to your audience. What platform will you use, what medium you will use to deliver the content, and what supplemental materials will be available to your clients to help them master your course or topic.

Step 4 to Creating an Online Course - Creating Supplemental Material

Oftentimes there are supplemental materials to go along with a course. These come in a variety of different forms:

  • Worksheets 
  • PDFs 
  • Printables
  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • Audio files
  • Journals

These materials can be supplementary reading or a way for people to do assignments between modules and put some of what you have been...

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Part 1 - The Nuts and Bolts of Creating My First Online Course

For as long as I can remember I dreamt of having a location independent business. I am a wanderlust at heart. I come by it honestly--my father has the same itch to travel and experience other cultures as do most of my siblings. My first experience with travel was when I graduated from college and purchased a one-way ticket to Europe. At the time my brother was studying printmaking in Italy, and my sister was teaching English in Hungary. After a few months of traveling around Europe and visiting them, my friend and I set up a home base in Prague where we lived for the next year and a half or so, taking the occasional trip including the time we hitchhiked from Prague to Barcelona. 

I learned that one of my happy places is on the road. I also learned that travel provides an educational experience that is second to none. Perhaps it is this free spirit in me that pushes me towards entrepreneurship and the laptop lifestyle that would allow me to adventure as much as my heart desires....

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Creating My First Online Course - From Stuck to Success

I did the Pandemic Pivot. This is different from the Shelter Shuffle. The shelter shuffle is some fun my family and I had during lockdown, where I choreographed a dance and forced everyone to participate so that we could film and post for the enjoyment of our friends and family (ok, mostly my mom). 

The Pandemic Pivot is a transformative change born from the Covid 19 crisis. Not all that came from this time was negative. There were a number of silver linings - more time with the family, less traffic, more creative solutions that made life work for business and family, and time to step back and reflect on what is important. 

Because I had been laid off and my other (new) business of choreographing dances for quinceañeras was on hold due to lockdown, I took the opportunity to do something that I had wanted to do for as long as I could remember. I got certified in life and career coaching. Before taking that plunge, I had already been doing a lot of work on myself just...

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Brainstorming Business Ideas

You might not know exactly what it looks like yet, but you do know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you want to start a business. For whatever reason, or maybe for a thousand reasons, you have always had the desire to go into business for yourself. Whether it is that you don’t fit into the corporate mold or that you want the flexibility to design your own days, you have your sites set on being a business owner. 

Let me make this clear from the very beginning:  Getting started is the absolute hardest part. It’s no wonder you haven’t done it yet. It is daunting, overwhelming, and just plain scary to start a business. 

What if you choose the wrong thing?

What if you fail?

What if your idea sucks?

What if...fill in the blank. I know you’ve got a million more.


The truth is, you will never know the answer to any of those what ifs. 

There is no answer.

It doesn’t exist. 

“What if” is something that may or may not...

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