Selecting Your Agenda - Maximizing the Time With Your Coach

life coaching Aug 13, 2020

Coaching has a pretty specific structure that is designed to help you, as the client, to level up in some way. It could be in any area of your life depending on where you want to focus whether that is career or business, relationships, health and wellness, spirituality, or your finances just to name a few. The idea is, you pick a topic, and you and your coach dive in.

Throughout the session you will explore that topic, gain new insights and perspectives, and come up with an action plan that will help you stay on track. So how can you maximize the time with your coach and ensure that you walk away in a better place than when you started?

Here are a few ways to set yourself up for a successful coaching session:

Be specific with your agenda or topic that you choose to discuss with your coach. 

Most coaches will ask you ahead of time to select an agenda, or what you want to focus on during the session. Some coaches will ask you to send them your agenda the day before the session....

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Greater Pain/Greater Pleasure

life coaching Aug 06, 2020

Did you know that according to psychology there are only two main motivations that cause us to make decisions in life? Those are:

  1. To avoid pain
  2. To seek pleasure

That’s it; it’s either one or the other.

They are not talking, necessarily, about physical pain and pleasure, but more importantly about psychological pain and pleasure. The stronger instinct of the two is avoiding pain, so that is the driving force behind most of your decisions; especially when there is any possible life change involved.

So what types of decisions are we talking about here? And what type of pain is it that we are avoiding by making these decisions?

For example, you are unhappy at your job but the idea of looking for a new job sounds overwhelming. Overwhelm is pain so you stay in your uncomfortable comfort zone at your unsatisfying job. 

Or you want to get more sales in your business but that means putting yourself out there which makes you uncomfortable just thinking about it. Discomfort...

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The Story of My Practice - My Why

life coaching Aug 01, 2020

Sometimes identifying what is wrong is easier than finding what is right. I have spent the past fifteen to twenty years feeling that things weren’t right in terms of my career, but also not knowing how to fix it. That’s a long time to feel like what you are doing is out of alignment with who you are, and it does eventually take a toll.

I went through the motions. I even enjoyed what I was doing at times. After all, I had some pretty cool jobs (dance teacher, Realtor, event planner, etc.). But all the while I still had that feeling that something wasn’t right. I have had conversations with friends and family over the years about what my dreams were, but it felt like just that...a dream. I never managed to make it feel real. I never believed that it really would be. I lacked the confidence for that and I blamed myself for past decisions that got me where I was. I didn’t yet realize that I was doomed with that type of thinking. That what I was putting out there...

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