Taking Inventory - Meet the Pieces of You

I drove to the SFO airport on a very busy travel day to pick up my sister. If you have been to that, or any other airport, to pick somebody up, you know that pulling over to the curb is a challenge– partly because it is gridlock, and partly because the security officers will wave you along quickly if your passenger hasn't arrived yet. I had been texting with my sister, so I knew that she was there, curbside, waiting for me. I saw an opening where I could pull over just before where she was, thinking I might not find another opening. Just as I pulled over, I was able to see that there was, in fact, another place to pull over just where she said she was waiting. 

I pulled back out into traffic and pulled over again on the next block. As soon as I got out of the car to help my sister with her luggage, the security guard started yelling at me that I “can't do that”. At first I couldn't understand why he was yelling at me. I immediately felt super self- righteous...

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A Glimpse of Her

finding yourself Sep 01, 2020

The question “Who am I?” could garner different responses depending on which phase of my life I am in at that time. There have been many phases, and the older I get, the harder it is to stay in touch with the versions from my distant past. There are many factors that might dictate my answer-such as:  what is going on in my life externally and as a result, where is my confidence level?


Am I feeling like a good mother?

Am I on track, career wise? 

Are my relationships where I want them to be?

Have I accomplished what I want?


All of these things frame the way I see myself at the time, and as we go through the ups and downs and twists and turns of life, my self image shifts right along with it.


There are many coaching exercises designed to help you find yourself or your purpose that guide you towards your younger self. They have you tap into them, in my case her, and recall her essence. 


Who am I/Who was I?


What was she...

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