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The world needs your unique set of talents, skills, and passion. Let's unlock it together.

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Do you feel like there must be more to life than this?

Are you stuck going through the motions in your day to day life? Do you feel like you have ended up somewhere that you don't want to be? Do you have dreams that you haven't pursued because, well - life happened, or you don't think you can, or it probably won't work. 

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Hi, I'm Mary

I believe that it is never too late to start over. I believe that the change you so deeply desire is absolutely possible, and so is your dream life. 

My strong belief is that any external change that you desire in your life begins with an internal shift, and that is where we will start on our journey together. 

We all have a beautiful and unique soulprint- our own blend of talents, skills, passions, and experiences. There is nobody out there like you, and that is done on purpose.

My mission is to help you uncover your soulprint, as well as gain the confidence and clarity that you need in order to show up, unapologetically, the way you were meant to in the first place - before life got in the way. 

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"There are so many positive, life changing moments I've had since starting this journey with Mary.  When I was referred to her, I was feeling like I was losing my life to my own negative thoughts and hopeless routine. Mary guided me to a land of confidence. She has helped me change the trajectory of my life. She is am amazing coach and an amazing person."  -SJK

What has you feeling stuck?

You feel like there isn't enough money, time, ability, or experience to make the change. In my experience, all you need is clarity, confidence, and connection.


Find clarity around your goals and your values. Once you have clarity it will be much easier to move towards what you want in life. We have created a safe space for you to explore what that might look like and we are honored to accompany you on that journey.


Once you have found clarity you will need the confidence and courage in order to take the necessary action that will bring you closer to your goal. Through coaching and courses you will be able to conquer confidence once and for all and you will finally take yourself and your goals seriously.


Connect with your true essence. Find your unique SOULPRINT and start living a life filled with purpose and intention. Love yourself in a way that honors this human experience and allow the rest to unfold. Slow down, listen, enjoy, and be open to what might come your way.

"My time with Mary Fenton has been life changing. She really helped me with mindset and positivity. I really changed how I think and how I deal with things. Life coaching has truly transformed my life and has allowed me to take things on that I never could have handled before."     -HLB

Live a Life you Love

Your happiness is the goal.  The change the world needs starts inside you. You shift, inspiring a shift in the people around you, and then the people around them. The world eventually will shift. Let's start with you.

Change can start right now

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