Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Think back on your life for just a second.

 Think about all of the things in your past that have provided you with the most growth.

 I guarantee it wasn't those times that you just went along with your normal day. And, listen, I know we need some normal days in life in order to stay sane but, if you're looking for growth, that is not where you'll find it.

You'll find growth in the trips you take. That time you went to Turkey and were faced, for really the first time ever, with people who went about life drastically differently than you did.

You'll find growth in the obvious places, like school and courses you take to further your education.

You'll find growth learning new skills, reading new books, and meeting new people.

You'll even find growth where it's not comfortable, like the unexpected loss of a loved one or an illness. 

It's the uncomfortable part of growth that I want to talk about, and I don't necessarily mean that it always comes out of unfortunate...

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